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Wedesday, March 29, 2000
Cleveland OH

Ok, our first show is in Cleveland at the Grog Shop, and I have to say it blew. There was pretty much no one there, so as a first show it was a little disheartening, however as far as who was there, they were all rockin' out while we played. And, there were two bartenders (Nora and some dude, I forget his name) who were awesome. Tiffany and Geeta slept at their house and listened to records, while Jon, Brett and I slept at Adam's house (a guy I met at McGlinchy's in Philly who was doing work in Cleveland and came to see us).
Nora was great. Took us to breakfast, showed us the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, and gave me much needed bleached hair tips.
Nora, the cutest bartender in Cleveland

Thursday, March 30, 2000
Athens, OH

The next day was Athens OH, a college town in Southern Ohio. We played the Union Grill with a few local bands and had a great show. The kids (yo) were all really into Swisher and we made some fairly serious clams. I recommend to touring bands hitting Athens on their way to wherever. There itchin' for good live music and the kids rock out. That night, Tiffany, aka, the Big Blond Boozer (BBB) drove through the night towards Milwaukee..

Friday, March 31, 2000
Milwaukee, WI

Played at the Cactus Club which is a cool old man style bar, which looks a lot like you'd picture Milwaukee looking. Small town streets, cute 50's bar, good cheap beer. We played with Trolley, a cool brit-pop band from Milwaukee, who we're also playing with on Sunday April 16th at the Khyber.

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The thing that blew, however, is that where the people drink and where the bands play are two separate rooms and they can't see or hear the bands plus have to pay to get in that room. So we played a good show to a fair amount of people , but it could've been a lot better. Trolley rocked, come see them in a week here in Philly...

Saturday, April 1, 2000
Madison, WI

We played the Corral Room which is an early sixties style cool ass bar beneath a phoofy fancy old school steak house (where BBB treated us all to really good food — she got barely dead baby Bambi and wine). We played with NoahJohn, a great Alt. Country band. The crowd really dug Swisher and we had a great time. Sold a bunch of CD's, and again, BBB drove through the night, now towards Minnesota. Geeta Dala voted best rock shenanigans
Geeta voted "best rock shenanigans"

Sunday, April 2, 2000
Minneapolis MN

On the way to Minn. we stopped in Chicago for breakfast at some waffle house, where we sat next to Jamie Fox and one of the Wayan brothers. Geeta struck up a conversation with him and we all ended up chatting. When we left he shouted, "Yo Philly" and told us he wanted a photo to document his trip. We waited outside of his hotel, starstruck, which he never again came out of. After waiting a little while (like three days) we left. Left him waiting for us that is... yeah.

Ok, In Minneapolis, A friend of mine Chris Huff had us all stay at his house and had a big breakfast and Barbecue for us before the show, which was so delicious and brillllliant. And beer with lime, of course. Then we played the 7th St. Entry with a few bands including the Push Stars. We had a great time and rocked out. Poor Geeta Dalal has not been able to sing for the past few days cause she blew her voice out singing (and talking shit in the van, the real way we both blow our voices on tour; sing for one hour and talk shit for 10 in the van over loud music, wind etc). However, you hardly notice with her rockin out so hard and rolling all over the stage. Brilliant Shenanigans.

Monday, April 3, 2000
Chicago, IL - Day Off

Lezzie rodies rule!
After breakfast in MN, Drove to Chicago where we'll play the next day, and pick up Tracy (aka Lil' Jimmi, our former drummer and current Web/all technology girl). We stayed with a friend of a friend Dara, a cool chick from Chicago and went to some cool bars, good food, etc.

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