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Tuesday, April 4, 2000
Chicago, IL

For breakfast we ate vegetarian fake meat at the Chicago Diner. Tiffany the roadie and Sara both swallowed rotten milk. The gals all went nuts shopping for fuzzy, glittery, furry rock shit. Chicago is full of cool stores. Geeta saw Jub Jub Club (Jub Jub is her favorite expression, the lizard from the Simpsons) and was very excited. Then we picked up Lit'l Jimmy (x-drummer Tracy) from the subway, she flew in from Philly to join the end of the tour. After more shopping we headed to the Fireside Bowl, a cool bowling alley turned into an all-ages rock club. Even though they made us go on at 7:30 it was a good show.
We played with the Pavers (singer from All), the Figgs and the Selby Tigers. Everybody loved the Figgs, many rock shenanigans on stage. Which Geeta would have loved to see, but she was too busy talking to Scott the singer from All (her favorite band in Jr. High). Geeta Dalal and the All guy
Geeta and the All guy

Weaver and BBB with
the 8 "Weave Explosions"
For dinner, Sara cleared off a table in the bar and made 8 "Weave Explosions" (see recipe below) a new tour record. They were tasty as always.
That night we hung out with an old Philly friend Mark (De)Lux. We went to a club called 1056 and played pool. Mark let us all stay on his floor. BBB (Big Blonde Boozer/Tiffany) got locked out and wandering the streets with pillow in hand, had to sleep in the van :-(
Mark (De)Lux

Weave Explosion
A healthy, cheap and tasty meal, good for when you're on the road or anytime.

  • Bagel (preferably whole wheat)
  • Avocado
  • Fake meat (St. Ives brand "Canadian Bacon" or "Pepperoni")
  • Tomato
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli Sprouts
  • Vegan Low-fat (vegan for Brett, low-fat for Sara's ass) Italian Dressing
  • Garlic (optional)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
Spread garlic and avocado on bagel, and salt avocado directly. Put on fake meat, tomato, spinach, sprouts, dressing and salt and pepper. Slap the second half of the bagel on, call it a day. YUM!

Wednesday, April 5, 2000
Chicago, IL

We drove to the Hollywood diner with Mark Lux riding after us with a pillow and sleeping bag we left behind. Breakfast at the Hollywood Diner was soo awesome. Sara had to return stuff she bought that was too tight (monoboob). It was a lesson in trying on clothes first before you buy them. All that returning stuff drama made us late leaving Chicago so we all got in the van and headed to Dayton. On our way out some guy told us to "kill your parents." Ok then. We were totally running late to get to Dayton, OH because #1 Late Start   #2 The traffic was bad   #3 We forgot about the time zone change. Finally at 10:10pm we got to the Canal Street tavern, threw our stuff on stage and played.

Geeta's friend Bucky came and after the show at 2am we desperately tried to find food in Dayton. Since no food exists in Dayton at night we followed Bucky on the highway to try to find some.
We got to a 24 hour Cub supermarket and wandered around the aisles at 3am. After that we followed Bucky to Columbus.
Sober Jimmy (Tracy) drove the van while BBB (Tiffany) fed her cottage cheese. BBB then spilled beer on little My Melody's head. It was very sad. Now My Melody is naked and drying.
Jimmy and poor naked My Melody

Thursday, April 6, 2000
Columbus, OH

We woke up at Bucky's apartment and all had showers for the first time in three days. Geeta and Bucky ate the Stone Cold Steve Austin cake they bought at the Cub the night before.

Hangin' in the parking lot
We all bought bagels and hung out in the Big Bear supermarket parking lot. Jimmy tried to clean out the van, which instantly became dirty when everyone got in. We said goodbye to Bucky and left for Pittsburgh.
My Melody, now dressed, has changed her name to Ms. Melody. With BBB's influence she now resides in the six-pack saying, "more beer!" It's sad.
Ms. Melody forever changed

On the way to Pittsburgh we stopped at Bridgeport, OH and BBB found vodka pre-mixed with what looks like Tang in a hard plastic squeezie bottle, pretty classy. We also stopped at the Cherokee Gift Shop and Restaurant in West Virginia. There they had coal figurines of demonic mice, Jesus stuff and scary Confederate flag paraphenalia. Geeta bought a feathered roach clip and Weaver bought $15 of we don't know what.

Kinda scarey kinda cool

We finally arrive in Pittsburgh and pull into the Melville Industrial Theater.

It's Jon Vitale
There they have a poster for Swisher, "Indie-pop from Philadelphia including Jon Vitale of the Low Numbers." Yes it's Pittsburgh's own Jon Vitale, that guy right there, now with an "e".
It's empty and dirty, but we load in and head off to a park to make Weave Blasts (aka veggie hoagies). We are accompanied by Jon's friend Ryan. The park is very pretty and we have a little picnic. When we get back to the space it looks like Swisher is going to play for the sound guy, BBB and Lit'l Jimmy. Whining ensues and Swisher considers not playing (plus Geeta is illin'). But then the people from the other bands say, "play!" So Swisher pulled up their skirt and rocked out. For a change they all set up in a straight line in front with Pittsburgh's own Jonnny V. in the middle. There were many rock shenanigans to be had. The people loved it and it turned out to be a good last show. Jonny said, "Goodnight Pittsburgh," and it was the end of the tour. Afterwards the gang wanted to support the lezzie roadies and went to Liberty Avenue Saloon. They had fun playing several rounds of pool with the local babes. Sober Jimmy drove a vanload of honey eatin', Dickel drinkin', peanut butter eatin', Sabbath singin' drunkards to Ryan's house.
Everyone got out of the van except for Brithy (Brett). He was wearing a bib with 3 slices of bread in his lap covered with peanut butter and honey. Even though everyone was yelling at him to get out of the van he just wouldn't go until he ate all his bread.
Is something else happening?
After consuming chips and salsa everyone crashed. Ms. Melody and the BBB still wanted to party on, they though they were all whimps.

Goodbye Swisher Spring Tour 2000, we'll rock your world again in September!

Geeta Dalal Swisher on Tour

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