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October 13, 2000

So, I'm sitting here at my friend Jody's house. I'm staying here because my old house is off limits. While I was in the hospital, they started doing construction across the street. This is a no-no for me because construction digs up olds molds and funguses which would be super dodgy for me to breathe in. Plus, there are like four hundred cats living in our house, including big fat Hank (four cats in one). Cats are, sadly, also potentially bad for my health. I'm super bummed about the kittie issue because I am in major LOVE with Elvis — my special kittie kittie that snuggles with me every night. I miss her terribly and have written a secret love song about her called "Denied my Love" — very dramatic...

So Jon and I are moving (regretfully leaving our roommate Brian McTear) and have found a cool apartment near 4th and Monroe (right by Essene). That's a big relief, and we'll be moving in early November. I've delayed the next round of chemo so we can get in there by the time I get out of the hospital. Jon and friends will be painting, cleaning and moving for me over the next couple weeks (ahh, just another perk of good ol' leukemia...)

As far as the Leukemia battle goes, I've completed round one of chemotherapy, which was not pleasant but it wasn't that horrible either. There was some puking and nausea and other side effects, but nothing that I've never felt before. I did an investigational drug study along with the chemo — a drug not yet approved by the FDA — which is supposed to mitigate the side effects of Chemo, plus enable the body to tolerate higher doses of chemo than normally possible. I think that it helped. Unfortunately, I can't get that drug in the future because it was only for that drug study. I'm hoping that chemo alone won't be too much worse.

After this next round of chemo, we decide whether or not I need a bone marrow transplant. A transplant would guarantee that the Leukemia would never return because they would completely kill off my bone marrow (where the cancer lies) with chemo, and than transplant my sister Sonya's bone marrow into me. It is the best method to guarantee a Leukemia free future, but it is not a risk-free procedure. We'll keep you posted.

For now, I'm out and eating every yummy food item I can get my soon to be chubby little hands on. My new discovery is "Gimme Lean - sausage flavor". You can buy it at Essene or Fresh Fields. It comes in a tube like real sausage does, and it is the most brilliant thing I've ever had in my life (except for Tracy's mom of course...) You cut it up into slices and fry it up YUM. Low fat, high protein, major flavor. Go out and eat it now!

OK, bye for now, and thanks for all the amazing support I've been receiving (it's truly overwhelming).

Later, Weaver

October 24

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