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October 24, 2000

Howdy folks, so I have one more day of "freedom" before I return to the hospital for round two of chemo. I've been enjoying the "outside, man" — going out to dinner, cooking dinner, making dinner for people, shopping for dinner, you get the idea. I'm not really allowed to do all that much (crack and hos being big no no's in chemoland) so my main pleasure is in the culinary arts. Plus, I figure why just be bald when you could be fat and bald?

My food plugs for today would be for anyone who has never been to Harmony Vegetarian, a gourmet Chinese restaurant on 9th street (between Arch and Race). A few things are great there like their Wonton Soup, fried chive dumplings and the seaweed in garlic sauce, but what you MUST HAVE is the "beef" on a sizzling platter with black bean sauce. It is UNBELIEVABLE. The pho beef is breaded, then deepfried (not a Jenny Craig friendly item) and served with purple onions. Then — the moment you've all been waiting for — the waitress pours the black bean sauce all over the platter causing a huge sizzle drama, making you the envy of all your neighbors. Yum.

As far as the Leukemia goes, or in other words what anyone reading this actually cares about, as I said its round two of chemo starting tomorrow. I'm only in the hospital for 6 days and then this time I recover at home, because the home is actually cleaner than the hospital. That logic, based on that hospitals are filled with sick people and I'll have no immune system for a couple weeks, would normally hold true. That is because Dr. Ferber has not seen our house. Lordy, lordy. However, since Jon and I had to move to escape the construction happening across the street and all the kitties, we have a decent shot at making the new house not a pigsty. A decent shot.

Soon I'll know if I need a bone marrow transplant (the somewhat risky, but if successful, foolproof way of eliminating the cancer). We're waiting on a few more tests to determine this. Again, my sister Sonya is a perfect match which is an amazingly helpful thing. God bless her cotton socks. OK, Rock on for now. Oh, I traded the pink Paisley Telecaster guitar for a cool-ass bright red DiPinto original with hummbuckers for a bigger rock sound. Very cool, change is good.

Hope all is grand in your world, Love Sara

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