Sara Weaver 1969 - 2002

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Swisher (originally named "The Weave") was Sara's band from 1995 until she died in 2002. Sara fronted the band on lead vocals and rhythm guitar with the final line-up of Brett Acker on bass, Brendan McTear playing lead guitar & Backing Vocals and Jonathan Vital on drums. They played the CMJ Music Festival 1999 and an excerpt from their song Face Ache was used for the home video collection of the MTV animated show Daria.

Swisher toured the U.S. twice to support their first CD [Read the tour diary]. They were just about to start their third to promote their second CD titled Over Nothing when Sara was diagnosed with Leukemia.

"Hey, this is pretty nifty girl pop with an edge and still enough sweets and hooks to attract your wimpier BELLE & SEBASTIAN-loving younger sibling. The vocals have an almost old KRISTIN HERSH-like quality with music that's more UK fuzzpop than Boston art-shamble. Hell, its even got that twangy guitar thing to get your older college-rock sister jumping. Hell, this is fun for the whole hipster family! Find myself digging this despite myself. Wimpy and squeaky-clean, but the most fun I've had in a while."  
-Maximum Rock 'N' Roll

"...Her band successfully elevates her sentiments to giddy heights with shrewd rushes of guitar and manic time changes. With very little effort, Weaver could find herself tossing back a few consoling brewskies with the likes of Chrissie Hynde and Liz Phair."  
-John Chandler, Magnet

"...This is a band that combines some solid tunes that alternate beteen melodic indie pop that would fit in next to any Mary Lou Lord track and strong Superchunk indie Rock."  
-Shredding Paper

"The accelerated pop songs on Over Nothing take off and careen forward without looking back: waves of frenetic guitars chug power chords beneath Weaver's strong vocal hooks, melodic leads crest and break and start over again. Each song is a perfect three-minute pop ride."  
-Mike Kennedy, City Search

"Swisher's self-titled debut album is filled with cheeky pop-punk numbers. Over Nothing keeps the humorous observations while displaying more lyrical and musical depth."  
-Brian Howard, Philadelphia City Paper

"Happy thought provoking pop music with some really clever melodic twists and great music arrangements abound on the band's self-produced and self-released CD. Smart, incisive, tight, and thoroughly entertaining...Swisher is a band with huge potential and a dynamite collection of tunes and an excellent female vocalist."  
-Baby Sue, Atlanta GA

Songs For Download
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Sitting in my car outside your heart
Track 2 off Over Nothing

Swollen Eyelids
Track 3 off Over Nothing

Girly Drink Drunk
Pure Power Pop


Classic Swisher sound


A song for someone who did you wrong.




Swisher CDs

You can buy the first self titled CD or the second release, Over Nothing. CDs cost $15 each and all money collected will go to the Weave fund.

Swisher, Self-Titled CD:
Over Nothing CD:

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